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BCB – Burgers, Cocktails, Beers goal is to Serve up
Amazing burgers, Affordable Cocktails & Quality Craft Beer

From our special 20 / 20 /60 Blends of meat, through to our homemade sauces and locally sourced greens, We put a lot of thought into creating one of the best burgers in Vietnam!  Round off your Burger with some of our home crafted sides, or go all out with our homemade desserts!

Our Story

From Humble burger beginnings, our first concept store opened up in November 2021.  Focusing on 12 burgers, 2 beers, and the occasional cocktail and delivering only to Districts 7 and District 4 in Saigon!
We have plans to open 2 more concept stores in D3 and D8 by February 2022 which will mean we can give great burger coverage all across the city and from there set out our plans for BCB mega project, which we are aiming to open mid May 2022!

Expansion of original Concept to create our beer and cocktail Garden behind the original Shack.

We created seating for 70 people, expanded our beer list to include 4 draft beers, a small range of cocktails, and space to host events and live music

Completion of our 2nd store in Binh Thanh, HCM.

This Burger bar concept is built on one of the Busiest Roads in HCM, Seats around 16 inside and 10 outside.  4 Beers on taps, 10 cocktails and the full range of Burgers and wings will be on offer!

Expansion into An Phu, District 2.

BCB is expanding out to the eastern side of the city, with a collaboration project with the German Beer hall. We’ll be moving in one of our Famous BCB shacks into the venues, to expand on quicker delivery to D2 and to complement the great food Drinks and cocktails on offer at the newest beer halls in D2

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet jowl brisket burgdoggen, meatball bresaola bacon boudin tri-tip pig pork fatback pork chop prosciutto short ribs pork belly. Ham boudin rump strip steak, porchetta drumstick picanha spare ribs sausage.

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